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"Zoe has the ambition to fill every hour of her day with activities to better serve those around her. She gives ripples of inspirations to others and has personally motivated me to achieve my  goals through easy and lasting lifestyle changes. She helped me make eating healthy and going to the gym a habit.

Anthony Alanes


"Zoe is very friendly and easy to talk to about your goals. Her passion to choose to live a healthy life and eat well is what gave me the motivation to reach out to her and ask for help on my eating habits. As someone who regularly goes to the gym, I needed some extra guidance on how to clean up my eating and fuel my body for success. Zoe suggested many apps to use and checks in with me constantly to monitor my progress."

Laura Gamba

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"My name is Jue and about 6 months ago I was diagnosed with prediabetes. I reached out to Zoe for help with my diet and exercise to reverse the condition. After following the diet and exercise plan for about 4 months I had a 0.2 point reduction in my A1C.

(No medications, just lifestyle changes)

Zoe motivated me every step of the way and reminded me that I could do this. Four months later, I can successfully say that my A1C is now in a normal range! She helped me reverse my prediabetes!

Jue Patel

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