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Hi there! My name is Zoe Schilling. I have recieved my PharmD. from Ohio Northern University.  In addition to my pharmacy job, I am also an ACE- certified personal trainer, Nutritious Life Certified health and wellness coach, and group fitness instructor. My passion for  lifestyle and functional medicine stems from personal experience and family-related concerns.

I am extremely passionate about the research and science behind exercise and nutrition to fuel our bodies for success! In my opinion, the mind is the most powerful tool. With a positive mindset you can truly accomplish anything! 

Specializing in patients with diabetes and prediabetes, I've helped several patients move from an elevated A1C back to the normal range controlling their blood sugar through lifestyle modifications alone.  My goal is to help at least 1000 patients reverse their prediabetes or diabetes diagnosis.  I acknowledge that every client is UNIQUE.  There are several plans that I can customize for YOU to help you achieve your specific goals.

Through my “Rx FitneZZ” program you will be educated on the Foundations Built in Faith and how to best implement these strategies in your own life. My coaching is meant to transform your life and create long lasting sustainability.

This is not a temporary diet, we will work together to transform your mindset and create a healthy habits forever!  

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